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Inactress Brooke Smith was abruptly fired from the show. Many, including Smith herself, believed it was because ABC wasn't comfortable with featuring a lesbian relationship on the network. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weeklyshe drove the point further.

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Meredith puts herself at risk while saving a patient in an explosive situation; meanwhile, Bailey has a complicated labor, and Izzie gets aroused. A faux-lesbian shower scene. Christina Ricci with cute bangs.

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Katharine Heigl and T. Knight might be making headlines for their rumored departures on ABC's Grey's Anatomybut it's Sara Ramirez —as the sexy mexicana lesbiana Callie Torres — who is really holding the attention of Grey's fans these days. And it's for good reason: Ramirez's character has some pretty kickass storylines.

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With a fanbase as dedicated as Grey's Anatomy, there are bound to be a few opinions on how those relationships made or break the show. This might cause many disagreements between fans, as we all have a difference of opinions. However, there are some that fans just don't like. There's no explanation, it's just an instinct we all had the minute they entered on the screen.

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Amelia and Owen bring their personal problems at the hospital while April explore unknown territories. Tags: Jessica Capshaw Marika Dominczyk. Your email address will not be published.

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Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel get ready to smooch in one of the first photos released from their upcoming comedy. In the duo's Jenny's WeddingHeigl and Bledel play a lesbian couple who want to tie the knot in spite of Jenny Heigl 's conservative family's take on it. In the debut snap, Jenny Heigl and Kitty Bledel smile and lean in for a kiss in what looks like a bridal shop.

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Brooke Smith's recent dismissal from Grey's Anatomy would usually pass without much comment. However, the news of Smith's firing even cut through the media blitz on the eve of the American election. It was the homophobic straw that broke the gay camel's back.

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Erica was written out blame ABC for that one, folks. Arizona has wheelie shoes. Love it! Except for the part where when they broke up, Callie slept with McSteamy and got knocked up, but Arizona came back and they got married and … look this is a damn soap opera alright?

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The event she had been attending was held to raise awareness around the 40 per cent of youth experiencing homelessness who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and end the disproportionate burden felt by LGBT youth. The Mexico-born actress, who rose to fame for her role in the Broadway musical Spamalothas been married to her husband and banker Ryan Debolt since She played the bisexual character of Dr Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy for ten years before leaving the programme this year.

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This evening, the show will join a very small and exclusive club. It will also become the first female produced and lead television show to hold such an honor. The show also produced four queer women reoccurring characters; Penny, Eliza, Carina and Erica. Taken together, they make up the largest cohort of its kind in network television history.


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