Breast cancer lazer technology

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Laser ablation treatment provides a minimally invasive alternative to lumpectomy, while still preserving options for additional procedures or adjuvant therapies. Traditionally, early-stage breast cancer nodules have been removed by lumpectomy, which can have an unfavorable cosmetic effect on the breast, says Dr. Chen, whose primary clinical interest is minimally invasive breast surgery.

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The use of FDA approved C02 laser with all of the benefits of time-tested standard surgery delivers the most beneficial advantages to women with Stage I to Stage IV breast cancer. Standard Methods vs. Background: Advanced breast cancers with or without metastasis are primarily treated with systemic chemotherapy and or radiation.

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Louis, Dr. After changing her major three times, she eventually decided on a degree in Physics. Her family celebrated her graduation, since she was the first member of the family to finish college, but the celebration was cut short when her aunt announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

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For women over 40, mammography is a necessary yet annoying procedure to endure every year or two. The technique, while valuable for reducing breast cancer deaths, is less than ideal because it exposes patients to X-ray radiation and requires their breasts to be painfully squished between plates. The plates flatten the breast so the X-rays can more easily pass through it and produce a clear image.

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Multidisciplinary Physicist Dr. In trials with mice, this method targeted cancer cells and was able to spare healthy surrounding cells with great success. This treatment does not bring with it the difficult side effects that come with many traditional cancer treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

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This emerging field of scientific research promises to change the way medicine is viewed within a few years, according to some of the experts gathered at the summer school, where researchers from the OILTEBIA consortium presented their papers and preliminary results to the rest of the network. In this regard, there are techniques like Diffuse Optical Tomography,which permits researchers to study the functioning and afflictions of the brain and other organs through non-invasive means. Other noteworthy research is the obtaining of photoacoustic images for the detection of breast cancer.

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Laser therapy uses a very narrow, focused beam of light to shrink or destroy cancer cells. It can be used to cut out tumors without damaging other tissue. Laser therapy is often given through a thin, lighted tube that is put inside the body.

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June 18 UPI -- Researchers said they developed a quicker, better and cheaper way than mammograms to detect breast cancer: A laser scanner that can find tumors in as little as 15 seconds. The near-infrared lasers shine pulses of light into the breast tissue, which, researchers report in a study published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, is more effective than traditional mammograms. Wang is a founder of a company licensed to develop the system for large-scale clinical studies and commercialization of the technique.

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Lihong Wang A laser-sonic scanner developed by researchers at California Institute of Technology detected tumors in a small cohort of patients in as little as 15 seconds by shining pulses of light into the breast, according to a study published in Nature Communications. HemOnc Today spoke with Wang about how this device was conceptualized, preliminary efficacy and safety results, and the potential benefits it may offer for breast cancer screening and disease detection. Answer: We started with microwave-sonic imaging.


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